Our Mission:

To maintain a sustainable team dedicated to the gaining of knowledge through the designing, building, and launching of reusable rockets and an innovative Autonomous Ground Support Equipment in accordance with the NASA Student Launch Initiative Guidelines

New Team - New Challenge!

Team Autonomous Rocket Equipment System (A.R.E.S.) has embarked on a new challenge! This year's NASA Student Launch competition invovles a completely new aspect of the competition that will challenge and push the limits of our current engineering knowledge. In addition to creating a new rocket from very basic materials, we have to design, launch, and construct an Autonomous Ground Support Equipment that will insert a small payload into the rocket, raise the rocket to 5 degrees off the vertical, and insert the igniter. 

Needless to say, our team is very excited to have been accepted into the competition and is very eager to compete with other schools!

Welcome to Team A.R.E.S. Team Student Launch

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