ARES Mission:

Our team is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through designing, building, and launching reusable rockets in conjunction with the implementation of Roll Induction and Counter Roll in accordance with the NASA Student Launch Initiative Guidelinges.

New Team - New Challenge!

Team Autonomous Rocket Equipment System (A.R.E.S.) has embarked on a new challenge! This year's NASA Student Launch competition invovles a completely new aspect of the competition that will challenge and push the limits of our current engineering knowledge. In addition to creating a new rocket from very basic materials, we have to design, launch, and construct a Roll Induction and Counter Roll system that will control the vechicle roll past the motor burnout.

Needless to say, our team is very excited to have been accepted into the competition and is very eager to compete with other schools!

We're Getting a Camera!

It isn't everyday that students have the opportunity to launch 7 foot rockets a mile into the sky. But that's exactly what the NASA USLI competition is based on- giving students an opportunity to design and fly their own rockets.

2015-2016 Documentation



Post Launch Assessment Review (PLAR)


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