Booster Section

The booster system of the rocket uses traditional motors combined with a unique structure. The main focus is to have a highly integrated design and to offer reliable power to the launch vehicle. The primary components of launch vehicle booster section would be the launch vehicle motor itself and multiple bulkhead structure. The layout of the booster section is shown in the graphics below.


The booster section is composed of several modular parts. The first part is the thrust plate located at the top of the motor. The thrust plate will provide contact area or the motor to transmit thrust to the rest of the launch vehicle. The thrust plate will be in contact with a coupler on the top of the booster section. The coupler will be attached to the body tube with adhesive, and will constitute a large area of contact for the force transmission. The pressure bulkhead above the thrust plate is connected to a U-bolt, which will be a connection point between the booster section and the drogue parachute. The apogee targeting system will be positioned between two centering rings situated next to the fins.
The fins and bulkheads will be manufactured by water jet, cutting commercially available G10 fiberglass sheets. Bulkheads will be held in the rocket with steel screws.