The airframe team is responsible for the design and physical manufacturing of the body of the rocket. The rocket is initially designed and modeled on OpenRocket, and various design elements are discussed and recorded in the files attached below. The team describes various subsystems of the rocket body, defining the function of each part within each subsystem. The issues of each the parts and subsystems are outlined, and the solutions to accomplishing these goals are analyzed, with the best method selected. The team also designed and optimized the rocket to accomodate for the systems being designed by the other teams: ATS and Rover. The rocket needed space for the electronics and control systems and also required room to house and a mechanism to deploy the rover. Airframe then CADs their parts, and once the dimensions are finalized, they are manufactured and the rocket body assembled. Figure : OpenRocket model of the subscale vehicle Figure : FEA stress plot for thrust plateFigure : FEA displacement plot for centering ring  Figure : Actual image of the subscale vehicle