The Apogee Target System (ATS) team is responsible for designing a system that adjusts the rocket's flight in air. The ATS provides extra drag after burnout to control the rocket's flight path to account for unforseen factors such as a wind gust that may alter the flight path. It maximizes control over the rocket's flight, even though the motor was selected to account for problems such as this. Additional drag force is provided by adjusting the surface area of actuating flaps. A circuit of motors and an integrated board was programmed to independently control the rocket to match its ideal flight profile. Figure. Design #2 : his concepts of ATS extends the flaps horizontally, giving advantage over the first concept as it does not need strong motors to actuate the motion because the motor is not pushing the flaps against drag force. Therefore it was approved for further evaluation.  Figure 2: ATS model with labeled parts Figure. Force Analysis on The Partial Assembly of ATS through SolidWorks FEA (bottom)