Launch Vehicle Overview

The mission of this launch vehicle is to carry an autonomously inserted payload to an apogee altitude of 3000 ft AGL and then to deploy the payload at 1000 ft AGL. The deployed payload and the rocket must then both impact the ground with a kinetic energy less than 75 ft-lbf. 
The nose section is designed to allow the payload to be inserted autonomously on the launch pad with ejecting capabilities. This was accomplished by making the upper 4 in of the nose cone removable from the rest of the nose cone. The payload is then jettisoned with the nose cone, which has a separate recovery parachute. 
An active control system will be used to correct the launch trajectory to reach an apogee of 3000 ft AGL. The system will control extension of cylindrical pins normal to the free stream with inputs of velocity, altitude, and attitude. Test flights will be conducted to verify simulated ideal trajectory profiles.