Avionics Section

To successfully complete the USLI mission, flight systems is responsible for providing a fully functional flight computer system. Avionics is the second subsystem of Flight Systems, responsible for data acquisition, experimental control, recovery electronics, and other features required by the USLI Handbook. 
Avionics interfaces with all sensors and controls, including most sensing, logging, and telemetry for the launch vehicle. The two major components of the flight avionics are the payload system and the recovery system.  A rought schematic of the system is shown in the figure below.
The avionics section of the rocket (shown below) will house the avionics to control the rocket as well as ejection charges for both the main and drogue parachutes. Electronic components will be mounted in the avionics bay, which will be removable.
The avionics bay is designed to be removable from the rocket so that the electronics can be easily accessed between flights.